Who Is Cometan?

Updated: Jun 2, 2019

Cometan is a British theologian and philosopher who became a prominent modern religious leader as the founder of Astronism.

Cometan’s ideas about the centralisation of The Cosmos to become the primary source of our spirituality, faith, and knowledge, along with his newfound astronomically-themed beliefs were collected together in the treatise of the Omnidoxy (2019) as the founding text of his religion.

During the construction of Astronism, Taylorian opted for a cosmic sounding name in the Millettarian onomatological system that uniquely emphasises mononyms and cosmic names.

Brandon Taylorian was born on 1st July 1998 in Preston, Lancashire, England, and grew up surrounded by a large family of seven siblings and cousins. Brandon Taylorian first adopted the mononym of Cometan in 2018 when he began to create the mononymous Millettarian naming system, as inspired by the mononymous Ancient Greek philosophers, whom Taylorian intends to emulate in the present time via the creation of The Philosophy of Millettism as a cosmocentric organised philosophy.

Taylorian, in alignment with his cosmic name, holds cosmic ambitions for his career and especially the development of his philosophy, known as Millettism, or alternatively known as Astronism among other names. It is Taylorian's ultimate ambition to achieve the title of being a philosopher and it remains one of The Seven Tenets of Association of Millettism to reascend philosophy to what Cometan considers it to be its rightful place as the leading force of culture, politics, education, and entertainment in society. Read more about reascensionism here.

From seeing the beautifully created logo above, we can understand how it is Taylorian's ambition to make Cometan not only into the name by which he is known to the entire world, but also reveals his ambitions for the creation of Cometan as a brand. With his degree in Business and Marketing, it is no surprise that Taylorian intends to make this cosmic name into the primary authorial brand for his philosophy.

Etymologically, the name Cometan is composed of the suffix -an which pertains to the foundership of something which is affixed to the term comet which is obviously indicative of the cosmic theme and identity that Taylorian intended to capture. Essentially, the mononym of Cometan metaphorically pertains to Taylorian as symbolical to a comet in its long and unknown trajectory, yet remaining the ultimate seeker in The Cosmos.

Interestingly, applying a brief knowledge of Millettarian cosmological symbolism, comets are generally considered to be chaotic by their natures and somewhat destructive in their paths which displays slight confusion as to the choice of the term comet for Taylorian's authorial mononym. This choice has sparked many discussions as to the possible reasons why with the most sound argument being that Taylorian attempted to distance himself as a human being from becoming compared to anything that he considered to be cosmically higher or symbolically ultimate such as stars, galaxies, and other non-chaotic entities in The Cosmos.

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