What Is Astronism?

Updated: Jul 1, 2019

The Philosophy of Millettism, as Millettism is to be officially known, refers to a large body of ideas that reside within the wider Millettarian philosophical tradition that are concerned with and focused on The Cosmos, which itself is the appellation for space a Millettarian philosophical context.

"a large body of ideas that reside within the wider Millettarian philosophical tradition"

But, What Is Millettism?

Millettism is the primary philosophy of the Millettarian philosophical tradition, it considers itself to be the first organised philosophy, it was founded by the philosopher, Cometan, and its central founding text is The Omnidoxy, which resides within The Grand Centrality. Millettism can be described as a new philosophy that holds seven concepts at its core which are collectively appellated as The Seven Tenets of Association, and are follows:

  1. The Centrality of Humanity's Exploration of The Cosmos

  2. The Centrality of Philosophy in Society & Civilisation (Reascensionism)

  3. The Belief in Cosmocentricity

  4. The Belief in The Cosmos Holding The Answers of Existence

  5. The Belief in the Greater Possibility of Sentience in The Cosmos (Sentientism)

  6. Holding an Adoration & Wonderment, as well as generation Devotions to The Cosmos

  7. A Greater Knowledge Equals a Greater Understanding of God, Being, & Reality


The belief in life on planets other than The Earth as well as the diversity of sentient species beyond humanity. Sentientism can be considered one of the most definitive elements of belief that distinguishes Millettism not only from the majority of other systems of thought, but also a modern and future-thinking philosophy.


Reascensionism exists as a metaphilosophical belief orientation that focuses on the notion that philosophy has been fundamentally devalued, undermined, and presented in such a way in modern society that it remains inaccessible to the masses, and essentially without practical applicability which is principally blamed on the professionalisation of the discipline in the 20th century.

Reascensionist thought rejects such notions about what philosophy has become and supports the notion for the return of philosophy as the central pillar of society, as well as the primary repairer of current social and cultural issues facing many countries.

Reascensionism is therefore the fundamental belief of Millettarian Philosophy that forms the basis of how The Philosophy of Millettism and its followers are to approach metaphilosophical issues. Reascensionists are to call for the reinstitutionalisation of philosophy as a prominent social motivator and cultural mover and reascensionists are generally considered to support the belief orientation of antiprofessionalisationism which has been directly inspired by the reascensionist movement.


Cosmocentricity involves the centralisation of The Cosmos from the Millettarian Cosmology to all applicable concepts, as well as to one's daily life in action, thought, and feeling.

Cosmocentric ideas are present throughout the entirety of The Philosophy of Millettism for the contemplation of The Cosmos is one of the main areas of study and debate for Millettarian philosophers and followers of Millettism.

Cosmocentricity can perhaps be best understood in comparison to other centricities, the primary one of which is anthropocentricity which centralises humanity in the context of a philosophical system of thought. Another example is geocentricity which emphasises the role and importance of The Earth in the context of wider existence.

The Millettarian Tradition considers the vast majority of non-Millettarian and pre-Millettarian religious and philosophical traditions to be both anthropocentric and geocentric in their orientations.

The implementation of cosmocentricity in The Philosophy of Millettism, however, maintains that everything within The Cosmos is subordinate to it and therefore Millettarians must consider The Cosmos primarily while The Earth, the affairs of humanity, and anything less than that which is cosmic is to be considered secondarily.

Humanic Exploration of The Cosmos

The Humanic Exploration of The Cosmos concept is primarily predicated on the notion that humanity's exploration, discovery, colonisation, and civilisation of different planets other than The Earth in The Cosmos is not only imminent, but is being put into motion now by the efforts of passionate individuals and start-up companies that Millettism wholly supports.

The Humanic Exploration of The Cosmos determines the main role for humanity in The Cosmos according to The Philosophy of Millettism as being a subordinate and exploratory role rather than a superior, dominative, and significant role in comparison to wider existence of The Cosmos to which humanity subordinate and insignificant in comparison to.

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