What are the Astronic religions?

Astronic religions

Astronic religions are a group of thematically related and historically dispersed religious, philosophical, and cultural traditions. They all share a commonality in their astronomical theme, a variety of beliefs in relation to space, their cosmocentric worldview, their practices of astronomical observation, their worship or reverence for the natural world, or the importance of human affairs.

The newest and principal member of the group, Astronism, is the first to be descendent from the personage and writings of Cometan, the founder of the Astronic religions categorisation. Four subcategories exist known as Cometanic (those which claim descent from Cometan), Astrological (those traditions which centrally incorporate astronomical divination or worship), Natural (those which focus on the veneration of the natural world), and Humanistic (humanism and transhumanism and subsequent derived traditions).


Astronism (Institutional Astronism, Astronist Church, Cometanism)


Astrology (Western, Chinese, Indian, and other traditions)

Astrolatry, astromancy, astrotheology, and astral religion


Nature religion

Earth religion



Russian cosmism


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